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Client References


Our satisfied clients include: Attorneys, CPA Firms, Physicians, College of the Sequoias, Packing plants, Farms, and many more.

Central California Small Business Development Center


We decided to update our site and join the 20th Century and surveyed available web developers. After considering the alternatives, no organization compared to the knowledge skills and abilities represented by the Torian team. ...We had very little time to devote to the project. Torian Group took the initiative, and guided us through the entire project, creating a proposed design with options at each step. They developed several graphical concepts, and updated them based on our feedback until all of our stakeholders were happy. Moreover, they surveyed other SBDC sites, and came up with a suggested menu structure and were able to develop content consistent with our national program. ...Their service and follow-up was exemplary."

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-Bryan Moe, Director

Judge Jacobus (retired)

". . . I am a retired Judge here in Visalia. My current practice consists of providing arbitration and mediation services. Torian Group has been providing us with computer support since 1995. During that time, they have helped us upgrade to new computers many times - once to windows, then Windows 95, and again to windows XP. In addition, we needed help keeping track of our past cases, and their outcomes, to provide legally required reports. Tim Torian was able to work with us to design and write a custom program for that purpose. Recently, he worked with us to add features to track billing and payments. We are able to run our business much more effectively as a result of his work, and would recommend Torian Group to anyone in need of computer related support.

-Judge Jacobus (retired)

Nichols Farms

"I am particularly impressed by the broad array of skills and services you provide. Hardware recommendations, purchasing, installation, and setup have saved us from overpaying for unnecessary equipment yet met our needs. ...Our network conversion from Novell network to Microsoft Server has been painless and safe, as you methodically moved applications from one system to the other.

... The last database project has truly shown off your skills. Not only is this project difficult from a databases programming standpoint, it involved integrating numerous hardware solutions into a user friendly system operated by non-computer literate (and often, not English speaking) personnel. Some of the hardware solutions provided by you included computer cabling recommendations, hardware, and installation (a combination of fiber optic and cat 5 cabling) interfacing a 2000 lb. scale with the database program, selection and installation of rugged environmental computers, touch pad screen installation and associated database programming, and selection of scanning equipment, label printers, and scanning software. This has truly been a large project, and one in which we have saved much time, money, and headaches by your research into both hardware and software solutions. In addition you forced us to truly define what we wanted to accomplish before we got too far down the wrong path."

-Chuck Nichols

Richard Pantera, M.D.

"To Whom It May Concern:

I have a small private Neurology practice in Visalia. Torian Group has been providing network and consulting services to us since 1994. Tim Torian has provided on site service and support including: our Novell 2.15 network, he upgraded our server to NetWare 2.2, to Windows NT, and recently to Windows Small Business Server. He and his staff have diagnosed problems with the network including replacing a bad server motherboard, and various workstation hardware and software problems. We have also gotten help with long range planning for our network.

Recently I have been developing web pages for Central Valley Independent Physicians, an independent physician organization I am involved with. Torian Group has hosted our web site, provided technical help with setting up the web pages and web page design. Tim Torian has been very helpful with training and support.

I am very pleased with the support and consulting help I have received from Tim. He has always responded quickly and effectively to our problems. I have a strong technical background in artificial intelligence and computers, and have always been impressed with the depth and breadth of Tim's expertise and help. I have received help with programming and database design problems, Internet systems design and planning, and research on paperless office systems.

He is also able to work well with and support our staff, some of whom know very little about computers. He always is a reassurance to the employees. I have watched his business grow over the last few years, and seen him continue to stay up with the industry and learn with the continuing changes.

I would recommend Tim Torian and Torian Group to anyone in need of these types of services."

-Richard Pantera, M.D.

Knight Guard Alarm

"...Together with the owner, Tim drew up a list of the specialized accounting requirements of our company. Tim then did extensive research into the accounting systems and vertical market software which might fit our needs. He located a system, and was able to find a way for us to purchase the system at a savings of over $6000. He then developed computer programs to convert the data from our old system to the new one.
... We are pleased with his work. He has demonstrated an extensive knowledge of computer accounting systems, and has been able to apply that knowledge to our business situation."

-Charles Buford, General Manager


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