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At Torian Group, Inc., you have an opportunity to work with leading edge (for Visalia) networking and computer technology. We have some of the most technically sophisticated clients in the valley.

Excellent environment for rapid professional development – Torian Group offers a wealth of technical training resources and opportunities, and an environment which encourages and rewards personal and professional development.

Personal autonomy and accountability – You will have a very high level of autonomy in accomplishing results for clients – you have the freedom to demonstrate what you can do. You are treated as an equal and expected to perform as a self motivated professional. You will be part of a team of experts. We are looking for people who learn quickly, understand how to interact successfully with clients, and with a strong interest in computers as a career, and a lot of skill.

We work with our clients to make their business better, not just fix computers. There is opportunity for creative people to make a meaningful and rewarding impact on our client’s business. You will develop meaningful long term relationships with the clients you work with.

The ideal candidate would have grown up with computers, and have a passion for playing with computer technology. He or she would be a fast learner, and do extensive reading in trade journals, computer books, and on the internet. You probably have a home PC, a website, and solve problems for your friends, or build computers on the side. Computers are a central part of your job. You work independently, and think of yourself as self employed whether you are or not. You are good at solving problems, and are also good with people. You are looking to advance to a new level in your career and your abilities. You want an opportunity to exercise your full potential and get rewarded for it financially. You like helping people, and have a clear sense that what you do makes a difference in the world. You value honesty and integrity as a natural part of who you are.

We are offer limited benefits, including paid time off, health insurance, and a SIMPLE retirement plan. We also provide opportunities for paid training.

Network Technician

(2/2016) You will be working with our clients, doing hardware diagnosis and repair, troubleshooting, and user support on their networks. You should have excellent customer relations skills, and be comfortable working with unskilled users. You should have a passion for computers and have experience troubleshooting computer hardware and software. This is an opportunity for someone with basic skills to develop their career in IT.  Touch typing, and the ability to learn quickly are needed. You must have a car (with insurance) and be able to travel locally. You should have several years of hands on experience. This is a full time position which offers an excellent opportunity for experience and rapid career growth. Pay is based on your skill level. We also have an internship position for the right candidate.

Web Developer

(10/2015 - still open) We are seeking a web designer/developer who can work with clients to develop their online presence, managing the entire process. This can include helping clients develop an online brand, website design, social media and online marketing. You should have excellent design skills, and be able to convert your design into a working website using current coding methods.  You should have experience with graphic design and be comfortable using Adobe products, as well as deep expertise and hands on experience with web applications and programming languages such as HTML, CSS, JavaScript, JQuery, PHP, ASP/.Net etc. You should be familiar with WordPress and other commonly used development environments.  You should understand UI design, development and testing. You should be familiar with online marketing strategies, SEO, and understand how to measure results.  You will work with clients to set expectations and manage multiple projects, working independently. You will need excellent communication skills. A degree in graphic design or web development is a plus. You should be able to work with web servers, databases, and web security – both Linux and Windows. Touch typing is a requirement.  Pay is based on your skill level, between $20-$50/Hr.

Hardware/Software support Internship positions
We may have one or more part time internship positions open for interested students. Please send me an email ( employment@toriangroup.com ) if you are interested. It would involve desktop support for some of our clients, part time for a fixed period - probably 6 months. I am working with John Winterton at COS on offering independent study credit and work experience credit as an option. These are real, paying (but not well) job positions, in an environment where you will be on your own, but have resources to call on if you need help.

I am happy to provide more details on opportunities to interested qualified persons. We have had some issues with resume's submitted through CALJOBS not arriving - the preferred method is to email employment@toriangroup.com with your resume.

Please contact me by e-mail (preferred): employment@toriangroup.com with your resume.

or send Resume to:
Torian Group, Inc.
621 W. Willow Ave.
Visalia, CA 93291

We evaluate our staff using a number of measures.  Each Job role is tied to numbers which help us measure the quality of execution of the job role tasks and activities.   For example, Tech’s are measured on the ratio of billable / non-billable hours, the time from when a client problem occurs till it is solved,  estimated vs actual time, etc.
Skill levels are evaluated using a job roles based list of required skills (both technical and non-technical), education and degrees, certifications, and experience.
We feel certification is a key indicator of career progress, ideally based on taking tests which demonstrate mastery gained from work experience and training.  More information on Certification can be found here.

We do not discriminate on the basis of anything other than how well your abilities match the job role. We are an equal opportunity employer.


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