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April 2011 Newsletter

Microsoft Office is often bundled with new computers, with the option to “Activate” it by buying a  product key card.  Microsoft has changed their download package for Office 2010. It comes by default with Click-To-Run which has multiple problems. Follow the instructions in KB 982431 to download the full version without the click-to-run feature (it’s on the lower part of the page).

Epsilon data breach leaked the names and email addresses of clients. You may get an apology letter and phishing warning if you have accounts with Chase, Capital One, US Bank, Citi, or LL Bean (Barclay’s).  Also compromised were Verizon, Ritz-Carleton, Marriot Rewards customers, Home Shopping Network, Kroger, Target, Ameritrade, Ameriprise, and Walgreens. Full list here. Tips on detecting a Phishing email.

AT&T plans to buy T-Mobile. A brief history of Telecom mergers:

YouTube debuts Live streaming site.  YouTube also has a growing selection of online movies.

Rustock Botnet Shut down - Botnets are networks of up to millions of hacked computers used for criminal computing or sending spam.

Even the leading security suite providers admit that anti-virus solutions are no match for the advanced nature of today's criminal malware.” - Damballa

Malware “Kits”- available for sale – make it easy to get into the Botnet  business for about $100.  The better ones now dynamically encrypt the malicious file, making it look different every time it is downloaded, and impossible to recognize by traditional scanning. 

Current Microsoft Security Intelligence Report.

As we mentioned last month, it’s time to update XP to Windows 7, which is more secure.  Regular maintenance can also help prevent vulnerabilities.

Microsoft’s guide to repairing an infected PC. Download the document here, and then unzip to view.

A new Netgear Powerline AV kit  for home networking is fast enough to stream video, and can take the place of wireless in some situations. It uses the power lines, at higher speed than previously available. About $150 for 2 adapters, connecting up to 500 Mbps.

Legal action against mobile apps: “An examination of 101 popular smartphone "apps" games and other software applications for iPhone and Android phones—showed that 56 transmitted the phone's unique device ID to other companies without users' awareness or consent…”

Make sure you have a policy in place if you reimburse personal cell phone costs for company email on personal smart phones. Is the email and other data yours or theirs when they leave?


IOS Update for iPhone and iPad 4.3.1 fixes some glitches. Not available yet for Verizon (CDMA) iPhone.

More updates for Acrobat APSB11-06  and Flash APSB11-05.

Microsoft released a bunch of critical Windows updates on April 12th. Several are being actively exploited and should be installed right away.

Patch (KB) Released Description Status
2497640   Internet Explorer — attacks in the wild Install
2503658   MHTML — public exploits seen Install
2511455   SMB client — likely to see exploits Install
2446708   .NET 4 — historic patching issues Hold
2446709   .NET 2/3.5 — historic patching issues; KB 2446710 for Win7 SP1, KB 2446704 for XP Hold
2509470   Extended Protection for Outlook — past issues Hold
2464588   PowerPoint 2003; KB 2464617 for 2002, 2464594 - 2007, 2519975 - 2010 Wait
2467174   MS11-024, Visual C++ — check line-of-business impact Wait
2467175   MS11-025, Visual C++ 2005 — check LOB impact Wait
2506014   Hardening the system for prevention of root kits Wait
2506223   Windows Kernel patch Wait
2508272   ActiveX Kill bit — wait for further testing Wait
2509503   Office 2003; KB 2509461 for XP, 2509488 – 2007 Wait
2509553   DNS flaw — unlikely threat for home/small-biz users Wait
2511250   Printing fix for IE9 — hold back on IE9 for now  Wait Install if you have IE9 Wait
2393802   Kernel patch triggered BSOD; use Symantec solution Install
2412687   GDI+ — exploits unlikely Install
2464623   PowerPoint viewer 2007 Install
2466156   Office Compatibility Pack security update Install
2485663   WordPad — more critical on XP Install
2491683   Windows Fax cover-page flax; KB 2506212 for XP Install
2507618   OTF Font — attacks unlikely Install
2508429   SMB Server — not at high risk Install
2508958   Fixes issues with Office updates Install
2510531   JScript and VBScript — exploit unlikely Install

Status recommendations: Skip — patch not needed; Hold — do not install until its problems are resolved; Wait — hold off temporarily while the patch is tested; Optional — not critical, use if wanted; Install — OK to apply.

Remote Server administration tools for Windows 7 updated to work with SP1.


Lunch Bytes Thursday, April 21st, 12 - 1 pm

at the Visalia Chamber of Commerce

Knowledge Work - Using the Web Well

  • Cloud and internet apps and tools you can use
  • Identifying opportunities – Where can your effectiveness improve?
  • Web / Cloud tools for common tasks – Many free or low cost.
  • Getting close to your customers or clients
  • Tools to have the right information come to you
  • Solve any problem by getting the right help
  • Keeping up with change
  • Time and task management

Tim will be presenting a short lunch talk on security April 28th for Visalia Community Bank customers. Ask your loan officer about an invitation.

Tim will be speaking at the Workplace violence seminar on May 3rd at the Agri-Center. Contact us for more information.

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