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August 2011 Newsletter
How to quickly create a custom Facebook page using Google Sites.
More Facebook resources from the Lunch Bytes Seminar series on Facebook.
Free Social Media book from industry leaders, with current insights and sites to watch.
See how your website looks on mobile devices with this emulator: Mobilizer, it is limited in the devices it emulates but will sure grow in the year to come. (Call us and we can help make your site mobile friendly)

Firefox 6 is available for download.  It will be out officially on Aug. 16th.
Office 2010 Screensaver provides training tips (Requires Windows 7).
Although zip file support is now native, you might like the free 7-zip program, which has more features. Winzip and WinRAR both encourage you to pay for the software.
Google buys Motorola Mobility, makers of Android tablet hardware.
Lastpass.com now has an enterprise version, with the ability to manage passwords to desktop applications as well as websites (single sign-on).  They also offer support for hardware security devices (multifactor authentication).

New smart phones coming.
Phones are becoming a target for hackers. Some free apps are malicious.  There are now more smart phones than PC’s.
Microsoft’s 13 August updates - Only 2 are critical, and these should be installed as soon as possible. Updates include NET patches which should not be installed yet: MS11-066 and MS11-069. Also skip the .NET 4 update: KB2533523.
MS11-043 may also be listed for install - it has caused some systems to crash, and has been updated.

Office 2010 Service Pack 1 is out, and should be installed if relevant.
Adobe has released over 400 patches for Flash, Shockwave and Photoshop. Updates are considered critical. Install when prompted.
Java current version is 6.26. Update when prompted.
QuickTime 7.7 Released. It includes security updates.  This is a manual update. 
Blackberry enterprise server Critical update.  Applies only if you have your own Blackberry enterprise server.
Wordpress (web hosting) critical update for some themes.  If your website is based on Wordpress, make sure your web developer is staying on top of security updates.
Evernote and Lastpass have updates – update when asked.
Check for NVidia Video card driver updates using their scan tool.  Be sure to back up before installing updated drivers.

Visalia Chamber Lunch Bytes: Facebook Workshop for August 18th is FULL
Lunch Bytes: Facebook Workshop for September 15th
(RSVP) 733-1940 or 734-5876

12PM - 1PM Fresno Pacific Visalia Center Rm. #102

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