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February 2011 Newsletter
Free screen capture software: Expression Encoder Free Edition by Microsoft records videos of your computer screen.

Microsoft OneNote for the iPhone is free. OneNote is part of Office 2010, a great tool for shared notes.  It is also a free part of Microsoft Office online.  Evernote, a similar tool, is available for iPhone, Mac, Web, and Windows.  The basic version is also free. These are good tools for accessing basic text and images from wherever you are.

A collection of free password-recovery tools for a variety of Windows programs from Nirsoft.  Recover lost passwords with free tools on Lifehacker.com also has some good suggestions and links.

Free music editor Audacity allows you to edit music tracks.  Mp3nity helps you with tagging music, and converting it to another format.

Motherboards with Intel P67 and H67 chipsets have a hardware flaw and are being recalled.  This is a new chipset, using the “Sandy Bridge” and only applies to a few very new motherboards.

Certain versions of Symantec’s Live Update depend on a root certificate which is expiring on April 30, 2011, causing the software to stop updating.  Symantec LiveUpdate Certificate Expiration Notice.

Sprint is coming out with a dual screen Android phone, the Echo, due out this Spring. The LG Optimus 2X is the first dual core cell phone, running … Android.  Motorola is releasing the Atrix 4G dual core phone on ATT, also Android based.  Nokia N9 is also Dual Core.


Cell phone text phishing– a text message tells you your credit card is frozen, press 1 to unfreeze. You then get a request for your credit card information.
18 Windows security updates were released Feb 7th.
3 are critical. MS11-003 (KB2482017) is already being exploited by hackers.  Microsoft patches 2482017 and 2467023 from Microsoft Security Bulletin MS11-003 break the VMware viewer in Windows 7 – don’t install if you use this. Hold off installing the updates in MS11-010 (KB2476687), MS11-011 (KB2393802), MS11-012 (KB2479628), and MS11-014 (KB2478960)until next month if you want to be cautious. These are currently not being exploited. 
RealPlayer Critical update affects versions earlier than 14.0.2. Update to the latest version if it is installed.
Adobe has another round of critical updates for Flash, Acrobat Reader X (10.0) and Shockwave. Update when prompted. Updates for the Mac platform will be out at the end of the month.
Java has a critical update. Install when prompted.
Wordpress has another critical update. Current version is 3.0.5. Wordpress is a Web site and blogging platform.
Google Chrome is at version 9.0.597. The latest version fixes critical security flaws and has updated Flash to 10.2.
Google is offering 2 step authentication for Gmail users. If you use Gmail or Google apps for business, check this out.  It allows you to use your cell phone or other device to verify your Google account login. 
Retail food establishments are a prime target for hackers seeking credit card data. Taco Bell and McDonalds, as well as many hotels and resorts have been successfully hacked.

Learn what’s new with Computer Hardware. Free Lunch Bytes Seminar at the Chamber of Commerce board room on Thursday March 17th from 12 Noon to 1PM. RSVP 734-5876
There is no Lunch Bytes in February.
Take a look at the recently completed website for Zylstra Automotive.  They wanted a uniform look across 4 sites for their related but separate businesses.
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