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January 2011 Newsletter
Verizon now carries the iPhone, which has some differences from ATT’s

Verizon is rolling out their 4G network– faster data transfer on cell phones and tablets. ATT is continuing to update their 4G network. Don’t expect either in Visalia any time soon.

The Droid Bionic and the Motorola Atrix smartphones are one of many 4G Phones being released. Both have Dual Core processors.

Small Business Server 2011
will release this month. This is the updated version including Server 2008 R2, Exchange 2010, and SharePoint Foundation 2010. It comes in a local and “Cloud Hybrid” version. This is a compelling upgrade if you are still on SBS 2003 which is no longer supported.

Intel has released a new motherboard chipset called Sandy Bridge, which provides as much as 40% performance gain over the current systems. Hold off and get this version if you are contemplating a new computer.

75 new tablet devices were introduced
at the consumer electronics show this month.  These are the coming competitors to the iPad (not available yet).  One of the more interesting is the Motorola Xoom. It's the first Android 3.0 (Honeycomb) tablet.

Useful Keyboard shortcuts for Windows 7.  Try holding the shift key and then right clicking with the mouse in Windows Explorer – you get some additional menu choices.

A new federal program rewards medical practices with up to $44,000 in funds for moving patient records online.

The LinkedIn and Facebook add-in for Outlook raises some security concerns, but makes sense for those in marketing.

Soluto startup manager
allows you to see and manage the programs that start in the background when you turn on your computer.
Google earth 6 has 3D views and more.

Windows machines are limited to 2.2 TB hard drives. Although new 3TB drives are out, be careful about compatibility.

Glasses from Pixeloptics that electronically adjust the focal point from reading to distance view can replace bifocals.

Windows Updateswere released January 11th. New critical and important updates should be installed.

Hold off installing the optional security and performance update (KB 245826) in Support article 2454826.

I recommended not installing the non-security Outlook 2007 update 2412171 unless you use Exchange 2010. Microsoft found problems with Gmail and slowness changing folders. If you installed the flawed patch last month, install the updated patch to resolve the problems it created.

Patch MS10-092(2305420) is causing problems with some upgraded Windows 7 machines. It was released in mid-December to fix a security flaw in Task Scheduler. See MS Support article 2305420.

There is anunpatched flaw in Internet Explorer which can give hackers control of your computer by clicking on a malicious web page.  Microsoft Security Advisory 2488013 has details. Microsoft Fix IT 50591 is available from Microsoft Knowledgebase Article 2488013.
This is not offered as an automatic update.
Installing theEnhanced Migration Experience Toolkit (EMET) 2.0 protects you. I recommend installing this as a general security measure. The EMET install may reset Windows Automatic Update settings.
There is another flaw in IE which allows hackers to gain control of your computer by clicking on a web image, if you have thumbnails of images enabled in Windows Explorer. Consider installing the Fixit contained in Support article 2490606.
Microsoft's Security Research & Defense blog lists all the unpatched vulnerabilities.

Beware of fake Windows updates notices in your email.

Microsoft Security Essentials 2.0 is available either from the MSE home site or Microsoft's MS Download Center. This standalone anti-malware program is a good free solution for non-networked workstations.  I recommend manually upgrading to version 2.0 if you are using it.

Wordpress 3.0.4addresses security flaws. See the WordPress.org blog entry.

Check for updated version 1.0.10 of DropBox by putting your mouse over the tray icon (it shows the version). Update by installing the current version.

Install Java6 update 23 when you see the java icon in the bottom right of your screen.

Upgrade to Adobe Reader version X(10)  if you have not already. This is a manual upgrade.

Phone systems have new capabilities that could help your bottom line. Attend the free Lunch Bytes Seminar at the Chamber of Commerce board room on Thursday January 20th from 12 Noon to 1PM.    RSVP 734-5876
Small Office Phone Innovations
  • New tools: cut costs and improve sales 
  • Unified communications - the ultimate social media
  • Using Google Voice and Skype - for free!
  • $310 for a true VOIP phone system
  • Connecting Voice, E-mail, Video and the Web for service 
  • Microsoft Lync- IM, Voice, Video, Shared desktops
We have a series of articles and recommendations for using the Internet for marketing, and are now offering help with Web marketing campaigns. There are many things you can do for free, and others that are very cost effective. I suggest you consider shifting some of your advertising budget to the web. Contact us for more information on Internet Branding, being visible in Local Search (Google Maps etc.), and Web Visibility.

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