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July 2011 Newsletter
Microsoft Office 365 Released – This is a “Cloud” version of Microsoft server products bundled with the option to rent Microsoft Office. It is an attractive solution for small offices without their own server. PC Magazine Review

Verizon is ending their unlimited data plan. The company is selling 2GB of data for $30, 5GB for $50 and 10GB for $80/Month. AT&T shifted from unlimited data plans to tiered plans just over a year ago.

Netflix is raising prices, separating online downloads from DVD rental.

Major US Internet providers - including Comcast and AT&T - have agreed to consequences (lowered bandwidth or redirection to a message to contact their provider) after 6 instances of downloading pirated movies, music, or other content.

Google+ is a social media platform similar to Facebook, currently in Beta testing by invitation only. Something to watch.

Microsoft Word Online now supports collaborative online editing, a direct response to Google Apps, which has had this ability for some time. You must store your documents in “SkyDrive”, a part of Microsoft Live.
Google Cloud Connect allows you to collaboratively edit MS Office documents in Google Apps. Box.net now integrates with Google Docs.

Google Apps will only be supported on the latest versions of browsers after August 1st. They are moving to HTML 5. This means IE 7 and Firefox 3.x will no longer be supported. At the same time, Gmail Offline (Google Gears) is NOT supported by the latest browsers yet but will be by the third quarter.

Internet Explorer 9 sometimes has problems with some video cards, causing a blank black screen. The solution may be to turn off accelerated graphics. Click IE 9's Gear (Tools) icon and selecting Internet Options. Go to the advanced tab and check the first option: Accelerated graphics/Use software rendering instead of GPU rendering. IE9 is also incompatible with some online services and banking sites. Be sure your important websites are compatible before upgrading.

If you upgrade to Firefox 4 or 5, some software that worked with Firefox 3.x may not work, including the Trend Antivirus phishing filter.

Facial recognition device being adopted by law enforcement.

Branchout is a Facebook app for business networking targeting a market similar to LinkedIn.

File sharing services – some DropBox alternatives.

Peer to Peer university allows anyone to teach or join a class on any topic. iTunes U has podcasts of class sessions. Also check out: college courses online and a directory of video lectures. We have also mentioned Academic Earth and Ted talks in earlier newsletters.

Business founders share their experience and advice at the 5by5 podcast network.

Free ways to sign a document electronically.

Why and how to create and use QR Codes. These are designed to be read by mobile phones, and can contain text, web links, or contact info. Here’s my business card:


There are 5 Microsoft security updates released Tuesday July 12th.
Do not install KB2501584 – it may cause slowdowns in your network in opening up MS Office files. If it is automatically installed, it can be uninstalled – it shows up as "Microsoft Office File Validation Add-In” in the list of installed software.

More companies have been hacked, including AOL, AT&T, and many gaming forums. Check your email here to see if your data was part of that published on the internet.

Support for Windows Vista SP1 ends July 12th. If you have Vista, we recommend upgrading to Windows 7 – its well worth the cost, and an easy upgrade. You can continue to get support for Vista by installing SP2.

Office 2010 Service Pack 1 has been released.

Firefox 3.6 updated – install updates when prompted, or upgrade to Firefox 5.

Adobe Shockwave needs an update to Shockwave Player

Windows Live Mail 2011 has been updated to version 15.4.3538

Yahoo Messenger should be updated if you use it to version

The Lunch Bytes seminar: Web Visibility – Facebook scheduled for July 14th at Fresno Pacific Visalia Center is full. We will hold another one – contact us to be notified.

Free Lunch Bytes Seminars:

Facebook Workshop (FULL)

12-1 PM July 21, also at Fresno Pacific Visalia Center.
  • Get set up on Facebook, Twitter, and Social Media
  • Learn the best tools to manage your social media quickly
  • Measure the results
  • Hands-on lab - you will set up your business

2nd Facebook Workshop August 18th

12-1 PM Aug 18, also at Fresno Pacific Visalia Center.
  • Get set up on Facebook, Twitter, and Social Media
  • Learn the best tools to manage your social media quickly
  • Measure the results
  • Hands-on lab - you will set up your business
Call us at (559) 733-1940 or the Visalia Chamber at (559)734-5876 to reserve your spot.

Q: Why was there a bug in the computer?

A: It was looking for a byte to eat.

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