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May 2011 Newsletter
Lastpass password manager response to a possible breach is impressive.  Based on an anomaly in their server logs, they alerted subscribers.  Users are being asked to change their master password as a precaution. If data was captured from the server, the encrypted password file would have to be broken by brute force - not likely with a strong password. Temporary restrictions require you to use Lastpass from a computer you have already logged in from in the past – another precaution.  More details. Lastpass Sesame allows you to use a USB flash drive to further secure your account (requires paid account).
PlayStation network hacked, credit card data exposed. Their network may be down for weeks.
Amazon Cloud services were down for several hours, affecting several large companies.
Microsoft to buy Skype for $8.5 billion.
Free software tracks your mobile device if stolen. Not tested, but looks good.
File Shredder secure erase tool.
Next generation e-book is more interactive – installs as an App in iPad.
Cell phones and Tablets are location awareWho owns this information?
IOS 4.3.3 update gives you more control of iPhone location info.
Android phones also share location information.
Updates to Google docs include direct support for MS Word and Excel file formats.
SyncDocs makes it easier to rely on Google Docs to edit Word and Excel.
Support for mobile editing is also a new feature.

Office web Apps has improved collaboration for Excel.  Comparison with Google Docs.

$25 Computer coming this year:

Google Chromebooks are worth watching.  Run everything in a web browser.
How to check credibility of virus warnings and emails with “urgent” information.  Avoid spreading misinformation.
Internet TV Guide clicker.com. HBO Go allows online access if you are already a subscriber.
LibreOffice is a free office suite, the successor to open office.  The Draw app includes the ability to edit PDF documents.  It will also import and export Word, WordPerfect, PowerPoint and Excel file formats.
Windows updates released May 10th.  There are 2 Critical updates, only 1 update for workstations -PowerPoint.  Additional updates were released to clear the way for Window 7 SP1, which address problems reported last month. We now recommend upgrading to Windows 7 SP1 after applying the updates. Be sure to have a full image backup.
Firefox 4 and the latest Google Chrome both enable WebGL by default. Security flaws have been discovered.  How to Disable WebGL (Scroll down) if you use these browsers.
IOS 4.3.3 for iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad addresses location tracking.  Install using iTunes.
More updates came out last month for Adobe Acrobat and Java – update when prompted.
Viruses and Phishing attacks are spreading in emails related to Bin Laden’s Death.  Be cautious of links in emails, even if forwarded from those you know.
Torian Group awarded “Technology Business of the Year” by the Central California Small Business Development Center for 2011 
Free Lunch Bytes Seminar:
Branding and the Internet – how to get the most for your marketing dollars. This will be an overview of Internet and web marketing, followed by 2 hands on labs in June and July, helping you to implement your marketing strategy.  You will leave the session with a clear plan of action, and your next step for web marketing.
  • Finding your Niche – defining your unique selling proposition
  • Choosing a domain name, or more names.
  • Email & Email marketing
  • Make your website stand out – What actually works.
  • The power of local search – a unique opportunity in our area
  • Social Media
  • Online advertising – it’s changing.
  • Analytics – measuring results
  • Tools you can use
12-1PM May 19th at the Chamber of Commerce Board room.  Please RSVP – Call us at 733-1940.
The Social Media Guru (harsh language) Video
More social media humor (harsh language, intentionally tasteless)


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