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Flood in Indonesia has caused hard disk drive prices to double.

Adobe will not develop Flash for mobile devices.

The Eee Pad Transformer Prime – a promising tablet from Asus. Quad Core processor, Android OS. About $500.
We have had several clients who have had problems with displaying video in Internet Explorer 9. Disabling hardware acceleration can sometimes help.
G5Leadership has some excellent webinars for business owners or managers. They are currently offering a free trial.  Some of the talks: Emotional Talent; Good Boss/Bad Boss; MOJO. I have listened to 2 so far, both were excellent.
David Burkus, one of the G5Leadership speakers, has some excellent articles on management, also for free. 
PDF-XChange Lite 4 – another PDF editor - is free for home and academic use.
QuickBooks 2012 is on Release 3. Be sure to update the server as well as your PC. The server update is not automatic – download from the support website.
QB 2011 is on Release 8, 2010 is on Release 13.
If you see: QuickBooks can’t start because it is already running when you try to start the program, you may have the Leave QuickBooks running for quick startups feature turned on. The workaround was to turn that preference off (in General preferences).
QuickBooks is discontinuing their Time and Billing add-in, and discontinuing Time Tracker. Some alternatives suggested by the Sleeter Group.
http://otixo.com claims to integrate all of your online data, including Dropbox, Google Docs, and Amazon S3.  This has been a big barrier to adopting cloud applications, with isolated data stored on proprietary servers.
Ceton InfiniTV and the HD Homerun Prime are CableCARD tuners, which allow you to use your PC as a DVR, rather than the proprietary set top box offered by your TV vendor. They save you money, but are tricky to get set up.
Dexpot.de allows you to save multiple desktop configurations and swap between them. 
More kids can use smartphones than know how to tie their shoes.
Sproutsocial.com is yet another tool to track your social media marketing and manage sites from one place.
See how your website looks on amobile device with this tool from Google.

Windows Updates were released November 8th.  All can be installed.  Install the optional Root Certificates update.

An emergency Windows Update was released early this month to mitigate a flaw in Truetype Fonts that is being exploited.
Java, Acrobatand Flash have updates – install when prompted.
QuickTime current version is 7.7.1 – this is a manual update with iTunes.
Be sure to update iTunes as well to version 10.5.1

iOS 5.0.1 was released Nov 10th.  If you upgraded to iOS 5, install this update.
If you are eligible, the iOS 5 update has some great new features.
Firefox has released version 8 – Be sure to check compatibility with your favorite add-ins before updating.  Add-ons will be disabled by default when you upgrade.

More SSL Certificate vendors compromised. Sites with HTTPS:// may not be secure. Update your browser by installing the optional Root Certificates update in Windows updates.
Facebook now allows you to set a separate password for every application it integrates with. This is a good idea if you tie Facebook to anything that involves email or money.
Some PC users have recently received suspicious e-mails with Word documents attached. Hidden within the Word docs was a zero-day (no fix yet) bug that automatically installed itself when the documents were opened. A Nov. 1 Symantec blog gives a detailed explanation of how it works.  You can check suspicious emails by checking the “header” to see the actual origin of an email.
PocketKnife Peek lets you peek into Outlook's header file immediately. Then go to the iptrackeronline.com website and paste in the header to get an analysis. (Or call us for help. )
Ads on some websites have been replaced with malicious links tied to malware. FBI operation Ghost Click.

Jose’s hourly rates will be going up starting in December.
We are now getting mail at our physical address. Please update your records if you have not already:
Torian Group, Inc.
621 W. Willow St.
Visalia, CA 93291
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Free Seminar: 12-1PM  Thursday November 17th
Now that your company's Facebook page is up and running, what next?  Our Facebook for Business seminars continue in November.  Come to our FREE Lunch Bytes seminar Thursday, November 17th, 12-1 pm at Fresno Pacific's Visalia Campus (room 102; computer lab).  It is recommended that you have a basic understanding of Facebook as well as a login. This is a followup for those that have created their Facebook for Business pages.
  • Learn how social media fits in your marketing plan
  • Best uses for Personal Facebook, Facebook Pages, and Facebook Groups
  • Using Groups to build communities where you can shine as an expert
  • Useful apps for Business pages
  • What you can do with Facebook (and what not to do)
  • Tools for managing your Facebook and Social media accounts
  • Posting – what and when works best?
Brown bag your lunch and learn what really works with Facebook and much more from Tim Torian and Derek Damko of the Torian Group.

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This month’s computer humor: the help desk

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