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Amazon Kindle Fire will release Nov. 15th for $200. It is a Color E-reader with a touch screen, running a limited version of Android OS. PC Magazine Review.
Other lower cost E-Ink Monochrome Kindles with touch are also coming out.
The iPhone 4S Released: New features include enhanced voice recognition, support for more types of cellular signals (worldwide roaming), and better performance. Detailed review. Sprint will now offer an iPhone.
iPhone and iPad users should upgrade to iOS 5 which offers significant enhancements. One important change is the ability to sync and update without the need to plug your phone in to the computer. Notifications reduce the need for annoying popups. Messaging has been improved. There is a new reminders app which is location aware. There’s support for wireless syncing of Exchange tasks. Full reviewFeature List.
iCloud – which is enhanced with iOS 5 - is the evolution of Apple’s MobileMe services to encompass media sync, cross-platform sharing and more. It is free for iPhone /iPad and Mac users for storing up to 5GB of music, photos, movies, and other data.  
iOS 5 is a free upgrade for the iPhone 3GS (Not 3G), iPhone 4, iPod Touch 3rd/4th-gen, iPad and iPad 2 – released Wednesday, October 12. How to update.  
iTunes 10.5 was released as well. Be sure to upgrade iTunes before trying to upgrade to iOS 5.
Xbox Live users who were inexplicably banned from the service between August 29 and September 9 get free stuff.
www.youtubedownloadersite.com saves a wide variety of online video formats to your computer, and converts formats.
www.spotify.com allows you to find, download, and play music. Facebook login required.
Nitro PDF Pro is a good alternative to Acrobat Full versions – It has PDF creation and editing features for $100. Converts PDF to Word. Converts “locked” PDF files as well. Many reviews recommend it over Acrobat products.
Dropbox file chooser for Outlook simplifies sending large files by combining www.dropbox.com with Outlook.  Select the file by browsing, and it sends a link to the file, which is uploaded to your Dropbox online folder. The recipient clicks on the link in your email to retrieve the file.
Active Inbox turns your Gmail inbox into the ultimate ‘Get Things Done’ (GTD) tool. After installing the extension, you can choose which email accounts you want to use it with.
FCC Connect America Fund aims to bring high speed internet to everyone, and speed up 4G wireless implementation. http://www.fcc.gov/rulemaking/10-90
Mobile (cell phone) data traffic doubled in the past 12 months.
Richard Dawkins’ “The Magic of Reality” is a beautiful, educational iPad experience, showing what can be done to go beyond books to interactive media. Another good example (regardless of your political views) is “Our Choice” by Al Gore.
del.icio.us  - a popular site for tracking web links - re-launched late last month under its new owners with major problems.
Facebook “Frictionless Sharing” raises privacy issues.

Windows Updates were released Tuesday Oct, 11th. 2 are rated critical. All can be installed.
September's Excel update MS11-072 caused broken internal links and errors when saving for some users. Details.
If you run into problems installing .NET Versions 1 through 3, follow the instructions in MS Support article 923100, which will remove all versions of .NET installed on your system and then reinstall them, one by one. Also review Aaron Stebner's blog post for additional help.
Another security update for Adobe Flash – updated when prompted.
Using IE6 or 7 puts your XP computer at risk when going to secure sites (those that say HTTPS). Windows 7 users should enable TLS1.1 for secure browsing, and disable TLS 1.0: in Windows 7's Internet Options (as shown in Figure 1) by using the Fixit in KB 2588513. Here’s why.

Technical details from Wikipedia.

Both Firefox and Chrome browsers have had frequent updates. Update when prompted. Many Firefox add-ins are not keeping up with the pace of change, so check your favorites for compatibility before upgrading to version 7.

We are expanding our office space.  Come by and visit.

We have simplified the pricing of our online backup service. The annual license cost will be bundled into the monthly cost.
Facebook for REALTORS
sign up through the TCMLS website.

Visalia Chamber Lunch Bytes:
Internet Marketing
Measuring & Improving Results
Free Seminar 12-1PM Thursday October 20th
  •  I am on Facebook - now what?
  •  When and what to post
  •  Save time with Web management tools to monitor and update all your social media sites.
  •  What to measure in your social media campaign.
  •  Facebook tools - and how to use it to get free marketing demographics
  •  Google Analytics:  not just for websites.
  •  Understanding Search engines, and why your page shows up where it does.
  •  Keywords: why they matter, and how to measure them.
  •  Tracking and using inbound links.
  •  Monitor what’s being said about you and your business.
  •  Integration with your business – tracking conversion and referrals.
  •  Measuring how the internet impacts your customers.
Is your website or Facebook page actually generating revenue for your business?  Come learn how to measure results, and what you should be measuring.  Improve your understanding of Internet marketing, and take home some practical tools you can use to improve your bottom line and save time.

Learn what really works in search engines, and avoid getting taken to the Internet cleaners.  Bring lunch if you wish.

Where: Visalia Chamber of Commerce, 220 N. Santa Fe St. Visalia – In the Board room.

(RSVP) 733-1940 or 734-5876

We are changing our mailing address to our physical address.
Our address for all mail is now:
621 W. Willow Ave. Visalia CA 93291-6101


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