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Microsoft News

Microsoft reveals new keyboard and mouse, designed for Windows 8.

Windows 8 PC and tablets are being announced by manufactures.

Windows Server 2012 official release on September 4. This may be a worthwhile upgrade for our clients who have aging server hardware, or low cost access to Microsoft products. There are significant enhancements to virtualization, remote desktop, and file storage.

Instapaper is another tool for saving web content for later reading. Add a shortcut to your browser bar to click when you want to read it later. Strip out ads and unneeded images for easier reading on mobile devices.

Thinkery is a note taking tool to quickly capture thoughts or information you want to be able to find later.

10 Downloads That Enhance Windows’ Built-In Tools

Speed reading online tool. Copy and paste any text into this tool which delivers it in flashes a few words at a time.

NirSoft offers a collection of good utilities, including a registry cleanup tool.

Google offers search of your Gmail content along with web search. Trial for first 1 million Gmail users who sign up here

Mass Market Paperbacks (MMPB) vs e-books in the same market.

E-books are now outselling traditional hardcover books. The e-book is changing the publishing industry. This is similar to what happened to the travel - causing travel agents to go out of business; and what happened to the music industry -with major labels having less control over distribution.

As more e-books become available only to e-readers, more e-readers get purchased, causing fewer traditional books to be sold, causing fewer traditional books to be published, and pushing content to e-books.  Authors who could not get published in print can now publish an e-book themselves, making it profitable to sell for $1-$3 per copy.  Even well-known authors are attracted by self-publishing economics. The traditional advantages of a big publishing house for marketing are diminished online.

Interactive e-books recommended by TED website.

Also check out the Gutenberg Project and Smashwords

Microsoft released 9 security updates August 14th. All can be installed.
Java, Acrobat, Flash and Firefox all have updates that should be installed as well. These will show as icons on the bottom right of the screen, as usual.
Yahoo passwords stolen — more than 450,000

Enhance login security using 2 Factor authentication – now supported by Google, Lastpass, Facebook, Dropbox, Yahoo, Wordpress, and others. 

We had yet another client who got hacked due to weak passwords this month – complex passwords of at least 8 characters are the bare minimum for any account that can be accessed by the public.
Phishing emails are getting better. I have gotten emails that looked like they were from Microsoft, Symantec/Norton, and various government agencies, with links going to malicious websites. Hover over the link (URL) to see where you are actually going be taken before clicking to open a link.  Call the company or agency if it looks legitimate to confirm that they emailed you, before clicking or sending personal information.


Low Cost Video Production for Training and Marketing
(FPU Workshop)

12 - 1 PM | Thursday, September 20th
This hands-on seminar will get you set up with the tools to get HD video on to your web and social media, and provide you with a toolset for low cost video production.

We will also demonstrate tools for desktop video capture to record/create online training or webinar content.
Workshop will be held at the Fresno Pacific Visalia Center
Free Visalia Chamber Lunch Bytes Thursday September 20th, 12-1PM Bring Lunch if you wish. RSVP with the Chamber at 734-5876 or call our office at 733-1940 to reserve a seat.

We are simplifying our billing.

This is primarily a change in the way it looks. Invoices will show 2 rates for computer services: Technical Services, and Advanced Technical Services.  Invoices will show Web Services for Derek’s web design and maintenance work.

Rates are unchanged, and are now based on the type of work done, not the person doing it. This will allow us to respond more quickly, and bill at a lower rate if a senior engineer is the only one available to do more basic work.  Jose will now be billing for his advanced skills at the higher rate – but only if it is work at the level that a senior network engineer (previously Tim or Bill) would normally have been doing. His skills have grown to include work on servers.

We will be individually contacting any clients that are affected. Please call if you have any questions.


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