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June 2012 Newsletter
Microsoft will be building their own tablet called "Surface" running a tablet version of Windows 8. First impressions.

Microsoft Surface

The FCC is trying to make a backdoor change to the rules that would put internet TV providers under the same umbrella as traditional cable and satellite providers.

Comcast News

In response to Netflix demands, Comcast has announced it will no longer freeze downloading by subscribers who use too much bandwidth.

Separately, they announced local home security services.

Comcast is also slowly rolling out support for IPV6. You can find a list of approved IPV6 Comcast cable modems at MyDeviceInfo.

Changes with Google

Google Place pages have been automatically converted into Google+ Local pages
starting May 30th. New Google+ Local Tab UnveiledGoogle purchased Zagat, a consumer review service, now a part of Google+ Local. Be sure to create a Google+ account if you have not already done so. Visit plus.google.com/local or www.google.com/local, both show your business local listing.  Use the link to Google Places to manage your listing.  More on changes to Google Places. Any reviews of your business will need to be updated to use Zagat.

Google changes search engine rules to limit overuse of inbound web links.  This reinforces the need to simply have good content on your website.

Google is reducing referrals to Facebook pages in favor of Google+ pages.

Google shopping search results are transitioning to a paid ad service.

The Knowledge Graph enhances Google Search by showing graphical links to help with identifying the desired search results.

97% of consumers currently search for local businesses online versus any other method.

Microsoft Teams Bing With Yelp
to Enhance Search Results.

PicPlz.com shutting down Next Month.

Apple's Ping Social Network To Shut down.

Malware, Spam Growth Explodes in May -  Mimecast’s inaugural "The Shape of Email" study, based on a poll of IT departments on email practices and the contents of the average employee inbox.

LinkedIn had a data breach that led to 6.46 million account passwords leaking online.  Security firm Sophos later said the leaked cache listed 5.8 million unique passwords with 3.5 million already cracked. This means more than 60 percent of the passwords had been decrypted. If you’re a Linkedn user, we recommend you change your password right now. Furthermore, if you used that password on any other online service, we recommend you change those passwords as well.

Last.fm is investigating a possible password leak.

is a tool that allows an average person to check if their accounts have been compromised.

LastPass now offers free credit monitoring alerts for all users in the United States.  If you are using LastPass, be sure to update to the latest version - there are significant improvements.

Samsung Galaxy S III Smartphone
features a 4.8-inch display, is 8.6mm thin, weighs 4.7 ounces, runs Android 4.0 and boasts a quad-core processor.

Windows 8 Release Preview that they made available to the public on May 31. You can download it now from the Microsoft website The next step is RTM (Release to Manufacturing), which is expected to happen in July.  It should be on sale later this year.

Windows Server 2012 Release Candidate shows what the next generation of Windows server will include. It will be for sale later this year, along with Windows 8.  New features will include a new "resilient" file system, and features for remotely managing groups of servers - as in Cloud computing.  The interface will include the Windows 8 Tiles, but is designed primarily for remote management.  Then next generation of virtualization is included, called Hyper-v 3. Nearly all hardware devices can be hot swapped in the VM without shutting down.  There's also a new virtual disk format called VHDX.   Disaster recovery tools are built in, as is Data De-Duplication (only one copy of identical data is actually stored).  This is not an incremental upgrade - it is the biggest change since Server 2000.

SQL Server 2012
is also out. This is the Microsoft database server, often bundled with business or accounting systems.

xip.io is a magic domain name that provides wildcard DNS for any IP address. This is a useful tool for testing mobile devices, and accessing systems remotely.

FollowUpThen, resends the message to you at the time you designate. You can also set up SMS reminders. Simply copy or forward the email to a future time such as tomorrow@followupthen,com, and you get the email again when you need it.

Windows 7 has a number of useful shortcuts using the "Windows" key (usually just to the right of the left Ctrl key on your keyboard) combined with a letter. Try these: Windows+L locks the screen; Windows+E opens the drive list; Windows+S runs the screen capture/clip utility; Windows+Tab shows a list of running programs, which you can scroll thru;  Windows+R opens the run a command dialog box; Windows+M minimizes the current window; Windows+D minimizes all open windows.

Windows updates were released June 12th. One server patch (RDP) should be applied immediately.
There are critical updates this month for Java, Flash, Adobe, and iTunes.
Android Security Suite Premium is a malicious App designed to access your SMS messages. In particular, they are looking for the authentication message for online banking Apps.  As always, be careful about downloading apps to your cell phone - make sure they have a large number of users, and are from a credible company.


Facebook: The New Timeline
(FPU Workshop)

12 - 1 PM | Thursday, June 21st
Facebook business pages have a new look, called “Timeline” which requires changes to your Social Media strategy. Come learn about the new format, and how you can best take advantage of it for your business. This is a hands on workshop – bring your Facebook login if you have one.
  • Changes in layout
  • Developing your “Cover” graphic and brand
  • How this affects your “like” incentive page (Fan Gating)
  • Changes in admin tools, including enhanced tracking
  • Get your Facebook questions answered.
Workshop will be held at the Fresno Pacific Visalia Center
Free Visalia Chamber Lunch Bytes Thursday June 21st, 12-1PM . Bring Lunch if you wish. RSVP with the Chamber at 734-5876 or call our office at 733-1940 to reserve a seat.

Microsoft Surface Keynote vs iPad Keynote

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