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Microsoft to Consolidate Online Accounts with Your Microsoft Account
Microsoft is in the process of consolidating all of its somewhat separate online accounts--Windows Live ID, Xbox LIVE, Zune and Zune Pass, and many more--into a single aggregate account it will call Microsoft Your Account. 
The new iPad is here. Gizmodo Comparison with other tablets.
Verizon will offer 4G LTE data plans in 3GB, 5GB, and 10GB varieties for $30, $50, and $80, respectively. AT&T will also offer 3GB and 5GB plans for $30 and $50, respectively. Details on data plans.
Android 4.0 to be available on Verizon 4G LTE Devices
4G LTE will be available from Verizon in Visalia in the next month or so.  It is already in Fresno. Until this, ATT had the fastest local wireless data service.
The Windows 8 “Consumer Preview” (Beta) is out in public. You can download the Windows-8-Consumer-Preview-Product-Guide-For-Business to get the details, or look at the WinSuperSite Review and feature list.
Automate your Dropbox - Make Dropbox do just about anything with your files.
Netted - another source for interesting new web applications.
InformationWeekrecently reported that 419 data breaches were publicly disclosed in 2011 in the U.S., for a total of 22.9 million records exposed, based on a study from the Identity Theft Resource Center. Privacy Rights Clearinghouse reports a larger number; it tracked 535 breaches in 2011 that involved 30.4 million records, including the notorious Sony PlayStation incident.
Microsoft takes OnLive to task for offering free Windows, MS Office to iPad and Android tablet users. Onlive.com provides a virtual Windows 7 environment with MS Office, making it possible to run Office on an iPad. 

KB2668562 error 80070643 (Silverlight)
If you are installing KB2668562 for Silverlight and it's failing, you are not alone.
iPhones (Versions 3GS, 4, and 4S) and all iPads will be offered iOS 5.1 (more info), which includes both new features and numerous security fixes. iCloud also has a significant update.

There continue to be issues with printing from Adobe Acrobat reader versions 10.1 and 10.2. They have issued a temporary fix.
As more sensitive information is carried on smart phones, keep in mind these basic security tips:
  1. Set a screen lock and password for your phone. Leaving your phone without a password is asking for trouble.
  2. Select a phone that can be remotely wiped. Phones that use Exchange server or Blackberry server have centralized security features.
  3. Enable the remote location feature on your phone. This may help you track a lost or stolen phone.
  4. Only allow your phone to join trusted networks. Scammers sometimes set up fake wireless networks in public places to lure users into joining the network. Turn off features that search and automatically join wireless networks.
  5. Disable Bluetooth if not used. This blocks a possible hacking connection.
  6. Update your phone's software. Software updates frequently include security patches. Failing to update your phones software may leave you vulnerable to hackers.
  7. Only download well-reviewed and tested applications. Some apps may include malicious software designed to capture your personal information.

Using Linked-In social media to build your network
12 - 1 PM | Thursday, April 19th

Hands-on Workshop:
  • Setup your Linked-In profile
  • How to build your Linked-In network
  • How Linked-In can help your marketing and your career
  • Linked-In vs other social media
  • Social media management tools that incorporate Linked-In
Free Visalia Chamber Lunch Bytes Thursday April 19th, 12-1PM. Bring Lunch if you wish. RSVP with the Chamber at 734-5876 or call our office at 733-1940 to reserve a seat.


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