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Web Visibility – Branding on the Internet
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Executive summary: Your business brand should be consistent. It should clearly associate with your unique selling proposition, and immediately bring to mind why people would do business with you.  To extend your brand on to the Internet, use a business domain name, and matching email address. Have a website using the same domain.  Keep a consistent look: use the same logo, colors, and domain name across all printed and internet marketing material.  Register additional domain names as needed to protect your brand and chosen domain name.  Claim your business in local search, and reserve your name on social media.


Your “brand” is what people think when the think about your business.  You start to build a brand by clearly identifying your “unique selling proposition” – why someone would choose to do business with you rather than your competitors.  This is your niche market – where you are the best.   Branding is clearly communicating your unique selling proposition.  Consistency in associating your message with your logo, business name, and domain name creates a mental association of “who you are”.  Start by defining the benefits of your service or product in a few sentences.  Develop a phrase which conveys your identity in a few words.  Have a logo which will reinforce your brand.  Register a domain which goes with your brand. 
An integrated brand identity, including an internet domain name, is a key to marketing success. If you are still using email @aol.com or @sbcglobal.com, it is time to get your own internet domain. Make sure your identity on the web is aligned with your other advertising efforts. Part of your brand is your internet domain. Your email and web address should be on your business card and other marketing materials, along with your phone number. It will cost you about $15/ Month to have your own website and email @yourdomain.com and is well worth it. Even in the central valley customers expect you to be reachable on the internet, and will judge your credibility by your email domain.
Have a web site, even if it only displays your logo, address and phone number. This makes it possible to find you on the web. There are many ways to set up a simple free or low cost web site. Most internet providers who offer email also offer basic web hosting along with it. Make sure your web site domain matches your email and ties to your business name and branding. You want your web site to be www.mybusinessname.com, not a link on some other domain name such as www.mywebhostcompany.com/someobscurelink, or mycompany.blogspot.com. Your own domain indicates you are serious about doing business, and conveys credibility.  

Domain Names

Register one primary domain name which will represent your brand. Avoid abbreviations, and keep it simple to remember. Shorter is better, but not at the expense of clarity.  If you are starting a company, you may want to select an available domain before settling on a company name.  It’s that important.
Then register related domains to protect the internet “real estate” around your brand.  To fully protect your brand, register all the domain names someone might use when trying to find you. Also consider registering domains which your competition or detractors might use to defame you or redirect people to them instead of you.  For example: if your company is Widgets Inc, you might want to register widgets.com; widgets.net; widgets.org.  You may want to go further and register widgets.co;  widgets.tv; widget.com;  widgetsinc.com;  widg.et; visaliawidgets.com  - you get the idea.  Also think about how people might find you when searching. If your widgets are helpful to people who wash windows, consider domain names like windowwidgets.com. The more visible your business is, the more important it is to protect your brand by registering all related domains. 
All these domain names can be redirected (pointed to) to your primary domain name, which is the one you use in your branding, including website and email. Domain registration costs about $10 per year per domain, a good value compared to other types of advertising.
Use these websites to help you find a good domain name:   www.bustaname.com   www.domainsearch.com   http://domain-suggestions.domaintools.com  http://domai.nr  
Domain names are unique. To keep them that way, you have to register a domain name with a “Domain Name Registrar”.   Domain names come with different extensions, which are intended to indicate the type of domain: .com for business, .edu for education, etc. When you register a domain, you do it through the Domain registrar’s web site.  You generally provide a credit card, email address, billing and technical contact information, and at least 2 DNS server addresses.  (more on DNS servers below).  They will often try to get you to sign up for additional services, such as web hosting and email.   All domain registrars provide the same service- the only difference is the price and ease of signing up.  www.godaddy.com is very popular because it is inexpensive, and easy. www.bustaname.com will provide you with a list of registrars to choose from, and their prices. Stay away from network solutions. Their advertising is sometimes deceptive, and they cost more than most. Some Domain registrar companies will lock every domain you search for using their site, forcing you to buy it from them.   If you are just getting started with the internet, you may need to create a free email address with gmail or yahoo so you have a way to register your domain. 
Website Hosting

Once you have a domain registered, you need to select a vendor to host your DNS, your email, and if appropriate, your website. These are often bundled with domain registration, but don’t have to be.  Torian Group offers DNS, email and web hosting at competitive prices, and is a good choice if you are already working with us as a client, because it is easy for us to work on your behalf.
Some vendors, such as Google Apps: http://www.google.com/apps/ and MS Office Live:  http://smallbusiness.officelive.com   bundle in domain registration, DNS, email, and web hosting as part of the service.  It is simple, inexpensive, and comes with extra’s.
For one stop hosting, consider www.bluehost.com  www.dreamhost.com or www.mediatemple.com, as well as www.godaddy.com.
We recommend www.squarespace.comor www.wordpress.com for a basic low cost website if you want to design your own website. Both allow you to customize the look and layout without having to know HTML or web design.   Neither provides email.
Set up an account at www.lastpass.com to manage your login accounts to all the websites you interact with.  Ask us for the article on how and why to do this.
Final Advice

Once you have everything registered,  it’s time to put yourself out there – make sure your domain name and email are on all of your marketing materials, along with your phone number and address.  Create at least a simple one page website with your logo and contact information.  This makes it possible for people to find you on the internet.
Develop your website around your brand.  Use consistent colors.  Clearly convey your unique selling proposition on the home page using images and text that can be absorbed in a few seconds. Identify key search terms which would be used by people seeking your services.  Use these to help create the content for “landing pages” on your website which highlight the answers for those searching.  Build content around these pages that will help
Get set up with local search engines, so you are visible on the internet. Start by going to www.getlisted.org.
In addition, reserve accounts at major social media sites using your business email, even if you don’t plan to use them – see our article on social media for details, and why this is important. 
Consider creating a separate role based email addresses (sales@yourcompany.com, purchasing@yourcompany.com) for your business marketing if you don’t have one already.  This will allow you to redirect incoming emails to a separate email account or folder easily. 
If all this sounds overwhelming, or you just don’t have time, we can get you set up and trained within a few hours.  The whole process of selecting and registering a domain and getting set up for email and web hosting can be done for about $200 plus any domain registration and hosting costs.  Give us a call.

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