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By Tim Torian, Torian Group, Inc.


Providing a unified brand for your company makes it easy for customers to do business with you.  When you design your logo, make it portable, and incorporate your domain name into the design if possible.  It should be easy to identify in any environment – on letterhead, on any packaging, and on your website.


Make sure you register and use a domain name which reflects your business name, and then use it everywhere you use your business name.  Have an email address which reflects your brand: you@yourdomain.com.  Use generic email addresses for company roles, such as purchasing, sales, employment, etc.   Make sure all email addresses follow a standard. If you want to look bigger than you are, use your full name in email:  fred.flintstone@bedrock.com rather than fred@bedrock.com.  Do NOT use an email address @aol.com or @comcast.net.  That tells your customers you are not serious about being in business.


Use the same naming conventions for any social media you are involved in. If you join facebook, clearly identify it as a company site, with your logo and business email. 

If you have a newsletter or other publications, be sure to integrate it with your web site. Reuse any printed content on the web.  Make it easy to sign up for the newsletter or other services you offer online.


A uniform identity makes you an easy target for the customers you want.


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