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Web Visibility - Facebook

Web Visibility - Facebook

Technology with Integrity By Tim Torian, Torian Group, Inc.

Face it. Social Media affects your business. Facebook and Twitter are getting a lot of attention. You need to determine how or if you will respond.

If you are not using Facebook (yet), your employees and customers are. Update your policies to cover employee use of Facebook at work – can they log on during breaks? When is an employee comment representing the company, and when is it personal? Can employees “friend” customers?

At the least, you would be wise to log on to Facebook and Twitter and create an account in your business and personal names. If you don’t, someone else can, including your competition.

Facebook “pages” for business changed in March – they now have more flexibility, and can be accessed using www.facebook.com/<your business name>. Creating a custom Facebook page is easier (still not easy), and it can be the first thing visitors see. Many companies are making their Facebook page a primary marketing focus rather than their website.

Facebook is designed around “you” – you have a unique page. What is changed is that you can now create and administer a business page as the business – the page has its own identity separate from your account. A business page can have multiple administrators (each with a Facebook account). You can switch modes, acting as you and separately acting as your business. Fans of your page can get updates from the business, separate from what your “friends” see.

Social media should be an extension of the relationship building you are already doing – just another channel of communication. You might be able to work in a mention of your upcoming sale into a personal conversation, but it has to be appropriate, and relevant. Business pages on Facebook make it easy to separate your personal and business communications. When someone “likes” your business page, they sign up for relevant messages about your business. Take that trust seriously, and deliver messages which will have value, and not motivate potential customers or clients to block you as spam. Be cautious of marketers telling you they will handle your social media marketing for you. You can get valuable help with setup, but be prepared to deliver your own message.

Consider moving at least some of your marketing dollars “online”. Facebook offers narrowly targeted online advertising at very reasonable rates. “Pay per click” means you only pay for those who express interest in your offering – not something you can get from traditional media.

Contact us for help getting your company set up on Facebook. We can set up your account, assist with creating a custom page, and train you on how to manage your marketing campaign, or help develop one.

Reserve the date for the free Chamber of Commerce Lunch Bytes seminars May 19th – branding on the internet, and June 16th – Local search for business (hands on lab), and July 21st – Facebook and Twitter (hands on lab). Call us for more information at 733-1940.

How to Create a Custom Facebook Business Page

If you want to do it yourself, read on. Be prepared to spend a few hours getting set up.

You will need a personal Facebook account to setup a business page. Business pages are managed and created from within your personal account as well as accessed via your personal login. If you try to setup a business page first--which you can--you will actually be going through both setups at the same time.

To create a Facebook business page, start by getting setup with a personal Facebook account. Go to www.facebook.com, and sign up. Log in to your account.Go to http://www.facebook.com/pages/manage and create a page (Button on top right). You will want a local business or place if you have a storefront or office location. The location gets you on Facebook places, enhancing your visibility in local search. Choose the business name carefully, it cannot be changed later. Check your spelling. Fill in your business details – Edit Info at the top, and Edit Page at the top right. Be consistent in the name, address and business description you use, and use the same phone number in setting up all your online business accounts. Search engines will notice that you are mentioned in multiple places, and rank you higher in local search if the information is consistent.

Make yourself a fan of your newly created business page. It won’t show up in search till you have at least one fan. Once you have 25 or more fans, you can create a URL based on your business name, such as www.facebook.com/toriangroup.

As mentioned, Facebook has started making their business pages much more flexible. You can now create a custom tab (it shows on the left side), and configure it using all the same tools used to make web pages – including Flash, Video, and anything you could put in your website. This is done by creating a window which displays a web page hosted elsewhere (not part of Facebook), by adding an app called Static HTML.

Once you are set up on Facebook be sure to create a “like” button for your website and online marketing.

There are a number of good online videos explaining the process of creating your business page. Here’s one. Here is a tutorial on creating a custom App for hosting your own Facebook custom page. Here is how to set your custom page name (URL).

Facebook also has good help on setting up your page here: http://www.facebook.com/help/?topic=upgradedpages Although it is not for the novice, you can set up your own page. Be sure it reflects your brand – link to your website, use your logo, and get it in shape before making it public.


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