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Chamber Quarterly News article 9-2013 Updating from XP.pdf

Tom's Hardware Guide
Everything you need to know about motherboards, processors, video cards, storage devices and much more. News, columns and message boards, plus Tom's legendary hardware guides.

- Excellent newsletter on current issues, bug tracking etc. for windows users. Aimed at IT pros. Free and Paid versions available.

– News letter from Sunbelt software. Includes some advertising, but has good content on windows.

http://techrepublic.com.com (Yes com.com ) – Good source of information for Network support. Subscription site with some free content.

- Microsoft has a number of excellent newsletters which are free. Sign up here.

Excellent security newsletter.

http://www.connectedhomemag.com/ Magazine and newsletter on home networking. Good source for the latest gadgets for home.

– Chief Learning Officer magazine. Good information on the learning organization, learning tools, intranet sites etc.

– Project management site.

Free Tech Newsletters
The Web's best collection of IT newsletters and they are all free!

Experts Exchange This is a community of over 400,000 IT professionals providing a free question and answer service on topics like programming, networking and web development through to cutting edge development. It's collaborative, so to continue to get answers to your questions you must provide answers to others. In this sense, it's not quite free as it will cost you time rather than money.
Registration is free and you receive immediately enough credit to post a problem or two. We got almost immediate response to our questions and quality responses at that. If you work in IT you really should sign up with this service.
Now updated with a search engine facility for past questions, this site has can only described as awesome. The only caveat: not suitable for beginners.

Tech Support Guy
Free help for users of Microsoft Windows 95, 98, NT, 2000 and Linux. Volunteer run site with a very active forum area covering a good range of subject areas. You can also search past forum messages, which can be a little slow but may still be the quickest way to get the answer to your problems.
The site layout has been recently revamped and this has greatly improved usability. On the down-side advertising is now more prominent, though not yet intrusive. Paid support is now offered but this is through a third party service Tec24.


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