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Visalia High Tech Pros




The Central Valley Hi-Tech Pro's Group

(Formerly Visalia NT User's Group)


No meetings are currently scheduled.

Some of us have been getting together about once a month for lunch.

The best source of information is the email distribution list.


The User's group has a e-mail list for members. This is the primary source for meeting information and announcements - Contact tim@toriangroup.com for details, or join by clicking below.  The listserv has been moved to a Yahoo group:

Click here to join high_tech_pros
Click to join high_tech_pros


The Beta Constitution (to be amended regularly):

This Yahoo Group was founded based on the original Visalia-NT User Group; the expectations of this group are quite loose, but as follows:

• Majority of Members should be “I.T. - Professionals” or in related fields of work/study.
• Majority of Members should be located in or familiar with the Central Valley of California. (Visalia, Tulare, Fresno, Bakersfield, Etc.)
• When possible Members should make an effort to contribute to the group by posting relevant info.
• This is purely an avenue for peers to bounce ideas, humor, “shop talk”, and converse... So let’s keep it loose and fun.

“Flaming” members will not be tolerated ;)

For the time being this is a member only list, if you wish to join please click on the Join link and let us know a bit about yourself.

Expected topics:
Hardware Platforms (Intel, Sun, Apple, Penguin)
Operating systems (Windows, Linux, OS X, Etc.)
Convergence: Voice-VoIP, Video, IM, Messaging (Avaya, Cisco, Nortel, Microsoft)
Applications (Web, Portals, Office, Etc.)
Business Systems: ERP, PLM, CRM
Plus much much more...


12 step program for Windows Users

(Disclaimer: This is harmless humor. I am a supporter of 12 step programs, and do not mean this to demean the work they do. However, if this is offensive to you, I suggest you join a 12 step program for the humorless.)

1. Recognize that you have a problem - you are an Windows user.
2. Perform a thorough and searching personal moral inventory, and confess to your higher power and to at least one other person that you, like OS/2, are powerless in the face of Windows <insert version here>.
3. Look to a higher power. This is a non-denominational group, so you can choose your higher power. Some suggestions: Microsoft. Another Windows User. PG&E.
4. Get help - Join an Windows User's group.
5. Make amends for your prior mistakes - take what you have learned, and go fix your client's problems.
6. If you make it this far, you can follow the 12 step guide to Windows Recovery (Currently in Beta, but available for download for a fee).


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If you have any questions, please contact Tim Torian
at (559) 733-1940


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