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Business Process Consulting


Improve your bottom line
Technology makes it possible to do more, better, with less. It is also possible to speed up your mistakes and empower employees to shop online. We can help.

Develop your business online
We have helped many local businesses improve their branding, make their company visible online, develop a web presence, and integrate their business model with the internet.

Benefit from innovations and new products
As part of our work with clients we meet regularly to review how changes in technology, or changes in the company’s business model might affect their technology planning.

Keep up with changes in technology
Make sure your systems are up to date and safe. With proactive monitoring and reporting, we can prevent problems. Subscribe to our newsletter.

Implement best practices for your industry
We can help, based on working with other clients and seeing what works and doesn’t. We are particularly familiar with software and best practices for the Legal and Accounting industries.

Executive Excellence
We can work with you individually to improve your productivity by showing you how to leverage email, manage information, work from anywhere, and get the most from your phone system and cell phones.

Regulatory and legal compliance
Make sure you are compliant with security and data confidentiality laws, and that your Web site has the required Privacy disclosure. For more information...


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