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Software Support, Custom Programming


Custom Programming

By working with you to understand your business, we can suggest the right combination of off the shelf software to meet your needs, or write a custom program if necessary. Many times we can combine existing software with a small amount of custom programming to meet your needs in a cost effective way. See some of our previous projects.


Programming Languages

  • C#.NET
  • VB.NET
  • PHP
  • Java
  • SQL
  • T-SQL
  • Visual Basic 6.0


  • Microsoft SQL Server 2008 R2/2008/2005/2000
  • Microsoft Access
  • MySQL


  • Crystal Reports
  • SQL Server Reporting Services
  • Microsoft Access

Web Programming

  • PHP
  • Web Services
  • HTML
  • CSS
  • AJAX
  • XML
  • XSL
  • ASP
  • VBScript
  • Javascript

Content Management Systems

  • DotNetNuke
  • Joomla
  • Word Press

Web Servers

  • Internet Information Server (IIS)
  • Apache

Software Support, Custom Programming

Our staff have expertise in Microsoft SQL Server, MySQL, C#, VB.Net, ASP.Net, Visual Basic 6.0, C++ with .NET, java (client and server side), PHP, XML, HTML, CSS, web design tools, Aptify (a rapid development platform based on .NET) DotNetNuke (CMS for the web based on .NET), Microsoft CRM, Microsoft Access, and Microsoft SharePoint.

Most of our development has been Microsoft centric – Access, VB, .NET, ASP, and SQL. We typically combine a SQL database with a workstation or web front end.

What sets us apart from other developers is the combination of deep skills, understanding of business process, and the ability to get the right result – what you actually need and can use.

Some of our successful projects:

We took over support of an existing custom packing house program written in Access, with a SQL back end. It integrates very closely with Solomon Accounting, and shares the database. We were able to reverse engineer the code, and have maintained and extended it for the past 5 years. Although it is showing it’s age, the system still meets the needs of the client, and have met their goal of keeping costs down.
We have been able to help them meet new competitive challenges, adding functionality to handle purchased fruit (repacking), new varieties of fruit, and new reporting and inventory management requirements.

We have also frequently helped resolve bugs with the existing code which surfaced over time. We have helped with custom queries to resolve problems with bad data of various types. We have assisted with straightening out the way the system posts to Solomon accounts.

We developed a routing program for a local propane company. It tracks all propane tanks and customers, estimates when they will need to be filled (either by calculating usage, factoring in the weather, or on a schedule), and pulls all the customers who need their tanks filled into a database. It then takes those customers, calculates the most efficient routes for drivers, sends them to MapPoint (a Microsoft mapping product) for review, and allows the router to interactively adjust routes to optimize them. It then matches up the proposed route to the actual work done, and reschedules any customers not reached that day. It generates reports, and integrates with the accounting system to track inventory used.

In order to make this work, we had to reverse engineer the data structure of the proprietary memory chips used to on the propane truck equipment, which stored the delivery information. We were able to both update tax and pricing tables, and download the inventory and price data from each day’s sales.
To our knowledge, there is no commercial software for the propane industry that can match this functionality.

We built a database to track food distribution and inventory to Child Care centers throughout the County.
We have written online web store (e-commerce) programs, one from scratch, and others by customizing existing software.

We wrote a Custom Web module (using DotNetNuke, an Web site CMS system built on .NET) for the Visalia Chamber of Commerce web site. It takes data from their proprietary chamber member management program, reorganizes it, and turns it into the member directory online. It allows members to securely view and update their individual data.

We wrote a custom access program for tracking inventory for a fruit juicing company.

We wrote a real time inventory system for a Pistacio packing house.

Nichols Farms

"I am particularly impressed by the broad array of skills and services you provide. Hardware recommendations, purchasing, installation, and setup have saved us from overpaying for unnecessary equipment yet met our needs. ...Our network conversion from Novell network to Microsoft Server has been painless and safe, as you methodically moved applications from one system to the other.

... The last database project has truly shown off your skills. Not only is this project difficult from a databases programming standpoint, it involved integrating numerous hardware solutions into a user friendly system operated by non-computer literate (and often, not English speaking) personnel. Some of the hardware solutions provided by you included computer cabling recommendations, hardware, and installation (a combination of fiber optic and cat 5 cabling) interfacing a 2000 lb. scale with the database program, selection and installation of rugged environmental computers, touch pad screen installation and associated database programming, and selection of scanning equipment, label printers, and scanning software. This has truly been a large project, and one in which we have saved much time, money, and headaches by your research into both hardware and software solutions. In addition you forced us to truly define what we wanted to accomplish before we got too far down the wrong path."

-Chuck Nichols

We wrote a small access database which tracks all the cases and their outcomes for an arbitration Judge, fulfilling the requirement to prevent any conflict of interest with potential clients.

“…we needed help keeping track of our past cases, and their outcomes, to provide legally required reports. Tim Torian was able to work with us to design and write a custom program for that purpose. Recently, he worked with us to add features to track billing and payments. We are able to run our business much more effectively as a result of his work, and would recommend Torian Group to anyone in need of computer related support.”

-Judge Jacobus (retired)

One of our accounting clients uses a complex and expensive billing and tax calculation program. It keeps track of all their clients, and the workflow for doing tax returns. They have a huge amount of old paper files, stored in boxes in a warehouse. They needed a way to find the files for a particular client. We were able to write a simple access program that integrated with the back end data from the accounting system, using the same client database, and extending it to track files by location. A difficult problem was solved at relatively low cost.

Our office runs on software we have customized over the years. It tracks work done, work to be done, client network settings, securely stores network passwords (encrypted, and accessible only with a second password from within the password protected application), and does billing. We developed the software to integrate seamlessly with Quickbooks. Time entered by techs for billing is also used in QB for payroll calculation.

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