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Monitoring & Maintenance

Monitoring & Maintenance

A smoothly running network requires constant attention. In most cases, we can watch your network better and cheaper than you can hire someone on staff to do it. We have tools in place, are better trained, and can spread the cost of good tools over more networks.

We encourage our clients to set up both automated monitoring and scheduled maintenance – taking care of your computers the way you take care of your car. We would much rather prevent a problem than fix it.

We can provide a customized maintenance plan to meet your needs.

Typically, when we work with a client it goes through these phases:

Initial orientation - We do an inventory and assessment, and get to know your business. If it is a good fit for what we offer, we sometimes solve immediate problems on a first visit.

Technology Policy and Plan – Good planning provides better results, and costs less. We encourage our clients to develop a written technology policy – how they measure whether we are doing a good job for them, and the values by which they manage their technology. This should rarely change
We then develop a technology plan with you – what do you want, and how will you get there. This is a living document, as work is done and new goals are set.

Maintenance and Monitoring Plan – Once things are working, what do you need to do to keep them working? We have a checklist, and hope to convince you to let us do the things you don’t want to do in-house. This includes some tasks that can be automated, such as backups, alerts for various server problems, antivirus software alerts, Battery backup alerts, etc. It also includes tasks that can be done remotely on a regular schedule, saving you the cost of an onsite visit. Some things, like dusting out computers, can only be done onsite.

It always costs less to prevent problems than to fix them. Sometimes it takes failed server and days of down time to learn.

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