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On-Site Help Desk


We can arrange to have someone onsite at your business on a regular schedule to help with day-to-day computer problems – a part time onsite help desk, tailored to meet your needs. You get an entry level, below market cost person, backed by highly trained senior staff when needed.

In teaching at COS, I have noticed that skilled but inexperienced tech’s have a hard time getting a job, because they have no experience. They can’t get experience, because they don’t have a job.

On the other side, many of our clients have minor problems that are beyond their staff, but not serious enough to justify a trip out for a relatively expensive network tech. Yet it lowers productivity and is frustrating.

When you hire your own computer support staff you either pay for someone with the skills to solve the most difficult problem you might have, or are limited by the vision of someone who may not fully understand the technology you are (or could be) using.

The ideal solution is to have someone part time at the needed skill level, while being able to call in the senior staff when needed. It’s a win for everyone.

We are very careful to train our help desk staff to know when to quit – they will not work on problems they don’t have the training for yet.

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