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Web Design and Development


Web Design - Integrating your Business with the Web

Web sites are now an essential part of doing business. Being without a web site is like not having a business card.

We provide consulting services to help you determine how best to leverage the internet for your business.

You can have exactly your concept and "look" for the web, or we can help you create one.

You can have a web site that pays for itself, by designing in clear financial and business goals.

You can have a web site that you can manage and update yourself.

You can integrate existing data such as inventory, order status, and just about anything you can imagine.

Here are some of the local companies we have done web/database design work for:

Visalia Chamber of Commerce

The Visalia Chamber of Commerce site includes a full content management interface, allowing the Chamber staff to manage the dynamic content of the site, including the community calendar, featured articles, and complete control over the menu structure and page content. It integrates with their vertical market chamber management software, allowing them to update the web based membership directory automatically.

We've developed two versions of this site. The first version of the site was written in asp and was upgraded. The current version has an event calendar, content management, member directory, live weather, stock quotes, ajax enabled, and document management.

This has since been replaced with a site managed by chamberware.

Main Turbo, Inc.

Main Turbo, Inc. was looking for a simple, but impressive site to lead their prospective customers to call and make an order.  This project was recently completed well within their budget constraints.

St. Paul's Anglican Church

St. Paul's Anglican Church was in dire need of an updated site.  Their new site uses a community calendar that can be updated by any user they choose to authorize permission to.  Specific users can be given permissions to edit several pages, one page, or even a part of a page.


Prudential California Realty

Prudential California Realty wanted to start on their new site right away.  We were able to put a working design of their site up within 2 days at their domain name.  Their site will include real estate listings that are pulled from external resources automatically, live.

Bothof Construction

Bothof Construction was looking for an elegant look to reflect their unique design talents.  Their site is content managed and include a projects database they can refer potential clients to and use as both a selling and design tool.

St. Paul's School  www.spsvisalia.com - Site redesign

Artis & Co CPA  www.artiscpa.com - Site redesign

Zylstra Automotive www.zylstraauto.com - Site and branding

Financial Credit Network www.fcnetwork.com - Site redesign

Current Projects

  If you use Torian Group, Inc. to build your site, you will be able to see your site as it is built in the same way.  During your project development, you can login to your test server yourself to add content, images, or make editorial changes. 

Updates And Back-end Projects

http://www.capassprogram.org/ www.cyberhigh.fcoe.k12.ca.us – PASS program, Fresno Unified. We did extensive work on both the site (conversion to CSS, and some redesign) and the back-end database used for the students.

- Revised and updated with new logo and some changes to content.



We did some back end work for:

– updates to an existing site.

This site ties in information about the sales and shipping for their customers (login required). We did extensive work on the database that drives the site. It provides real time data on the status of orders and production.

– we developed a way for members to download a database used at events for sign-ups, tied to the chapter web sites. We did not do the graphical design for the site.

– we did some remediation on the shopping cart database to get some parts working.

We have also done quite a bit of work on intranet sites for some clients, including some complex database programs with web front ends. We also have implemented SharePoint sites. Call for more information.

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