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 We offer Computer and Network Solutions

Home Computers – Virus removal, Reinstall, Home network setup, Hardware and software recommendations, Media and Home Theater, Camera systems. More…

Home Office – Remote access, Web sites and marketing, Backup, Email, Phone systems, Hardware and software recommendations, Improving your service and productivity. More…

Small Business – we can be your outsourced IT department, providing better, lower cost service than you could get by hiring your own staff.  This includes network design and support, on-site and remote help desk, monitoring & maintenance, off-site backups and more... 

IT Projects – We can help your IT department with projects requiring specialized expertise, or just more help. We can provide outsourced IT services such as design, implementation, rollouts, maintenance, monitoring, hosting and off-site backup. Our Website also has a number of articles and recommendations on best practices and new technology. Our goal is to start providing value even before we meet. More…

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