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Home Computer Solutions


Although we are primarily focused on business solutions, we do work on home computers.

  • If your computer is not working as it should, give us a call. We can remove viruses, or reinstall Windows if needed. We can sometimes rescue your data from a failing hard drive.
  • If you are considering a new computer, we can often save you money by helping you choose something that fits your needs. Since we don’t mark up hardware, and are a Dell dealer, we can often beat the prices you would pay online or at the local store.
  • If you have a home network, we can set it up right, and make sure it is secure.
  • We can provide content filtering for the Kid’s computers.
  • We can recommend the latest and greatest for gaming, and network your game console.
  • We work with networked media centers, home theater computers, and DVR’s for camera systems.
  • We can help you plan your new smart home.
  • We can help you get your email working on your cell phone.



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