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If you have computers, you have computer problems.  We can keep thing running smoothly.

Are you getting the most you can out of technology?  We can advise you on what’s new and what works for your situation.  Because we work with many different companies, we often can provide a solution that fits your needs that we have tried elsewhere successfully.

Don’t let your business vision be limited by the limited awareness of your in-house computer expert, even if it you are the one reading this. 
Here are some of the things we can offer your business:

Network Design, Implementation, and Onsite Support

Planning your network, specifying equipment and software, writing and soliciting bids, evaluating technology to find the best fit for your needs, solving problems, installing and supporting hardware and software. Often we can save you money or get you much better results within the same budget.

We can help you establish and maintain procedures for backup, equipment maintenance, keeping your software current, and help plan for growth.
We also provide “second tier” support for companies that have computer support staff who need help with a special project or difficult problem.

On-Site Help Desk

We can arrange to have someone onsite at your business on a regular schedule to help with day-to-day computer problems – a part time onsite help desk, tailored to meet your needs. You get an entry level, below market cost person, backed by highly trained senior staff when needed.

Monitoring & Maintenance

A smoothly running network requires constant attention. In most cases, we can watch your network better and cheaper than you can hire someone on staff to do it. We have tools in place, are better trained, and can spread the cost of good tools over more networks.

We encourage our clients to set up both automated monitoring and scheduled maintenance – taking care of your computers the way you take care of your car. We would much rather prevent a problem than fix it.

We can provide a customized maintenance plan to meet your needs.

Business technology consulting

Let us keep you informed of current technology issues that could affect your business, and help you plan for competitive advantage. We can help you with process re-engineering - finding more effective ways to get things done through a combination of consulting and technology.

We can also help you with issues around personal effectiveness - leveraging your time, becoming a better executive, and utilizing technology effectively. Our Hardware Opinions...

Software support, Custom programming

By working with you to understand your business, we can suggest the right combination of off the shelf software to meet your needs, or write a program if necessary. Many times we can combine existing software with a small amount of custom programming to meet your needs in a cost effective way. 

Web site development and Internet Services

We can help you plan your strategy for the internet. This can range from selecting an e-mail provider and getting you an e-mail address, to setting up your web page, or helping you set up your own internal web server with custom database programming. Some of our Web projects...


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